Vitamin and Mineral Suppliments for Dogs

An apple a day keeps the vet away! A simple daily supplementation program helps prevent or minimizes physical distress and disease. By simple, it means it can be done in a matter of seconds. By taking that few seconds every day to supplement your pets’ diets can save you medical bills.

Most of us say that we don’t need extra vitamins & minerals because we eat an adequate diet and will get all the vitamins and minerals we need. But most of us don’t know what an adequate diet is.

We, humans, have a free choice to do something about the quality of our lives. We can attempt to prevent diseases. However, the situation is not the same in the veterinary scene.

Our dogs have no choice. They have to live in the environment we place them in which could be confined quarters with little room to romp and exercise. They have to breathe the air that is polluted.

We have domesticated the dog and he is as dependent as a young child. The animal himself can’t prevent disease. But, we, as the owners can do something about it.

How many of us take our dogs for their regular checkings. How often do we go to the vet? Not when they are healthy but only when they are really sick.

Dog VitaminsVitamins & minerals are substances not found in the body but required in the right amounts to achieve optimal health conditions. Vitamins & minerals combine, react, and transform with other internal ingredients into processes that fuel the machinery of the body and the brain. Vitamins & minerals work together as a team.

Together they have a greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects. All systems are strengthened and revitalized. If the disease is present the whole body is bolstered and fortified to fight the disorder and get on with the process of healing. This is as true for pets as is for humans.

A supplementation program does not eliminate all diseases but what it doesn’t prevent, it will minimize. The dogs live a longer and better life and trouble-free (almost). They maintain their teeth and good vision longer.

They are hardier & healthier. It has been told that a bitch on a supplement delivers in half the normal time. The puppies are going to be healthy. A puppy that gets his vitamins & minerals from the start is going to benefit from that extra protection that he can really use.

It is known that vitamin A helps prevent dryness, hardening & itching of skin. Vitamin E boosts the efficiency of the heart and the circulatory system; besides improving muscle power & stamina in dogs; rejuvenates ailing and tired old dogs. An iron-deficient dog suffer from anemia.

Convulsive seizures and retarded weight gain are associated with magnesium-deficient dogs. Signs of potassium deficiency in an animal are restlessness, poor growth, a tendency of dehydration etc …. The list goes on. However, a word of caution is necessary – never to over-use vitamins & minerals.

The excess vitamins & minerals may not be used by the body. Excess of calcium will wind up as kidney stones or as painful and crippling calcified joints. It is hard to say what a top limit should be. Individual animals have individual needs.

However, consult you, veterinarian, on the proper dosage. A good prevention program of vitamins & minerals translates directly into economy: you save time & money. Short of routine vaccinations, spaying, checkups, and genuine emergency, you shouldn’t have to spend time and money visiting the vet.

There is no doubt your dog doesn’t need vitamins & minerals supplementally to survive. It is only a matter of how you want the animal to survive