Spring Allergies in Labrador Retrievers

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Unfortunately, for some of us humans, the beauty of the blooming flowers and full trees is overshadowed with hay fever.

Not unlike us, our labs can suffer as we do. They also can suffer allergic reactions to the environment. Like humans their allergy can be an inherited predisposition.

Although we tend to sneeze at the various pollens, molds and dust that blow around us, our pets typically have itchy skin causing them to persistently scratch, lick and bite themselves to get relief. Secondary infections of the skin can occur from sores created by your pets persistent scratching.

Your vet may prescribe an oral medication to control the itching. In severe cases allergy tests may be given to determine the exact allergy.

Once the cause is pinpointed allergy injections can be administered to build up immunities in your pet’s system. Other treatments are available depending on the severity of the allergy.

If you suspect that your pet may be suffering from seasonal allergies, please visit your veterinarian to have him/her evaluated. Getting the proper treatment, will help your pet enjoy this beautiful time of year.