Origins Of The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador breed is thought by some to have been developed by fishermen who needed helpers that were strong, good at retrieving and that had thick coats that were resistant to water and cold. It is thought that they come from Newfoundland and not Labrador. They were known by several names – St. John’s Water Dog, the Little Newfoundlander & the Black Water Dog. In 1904, The Kennel Club (England) listed Labradors as a separate breed.

The Labrador Retreiver comes in three colors – Black, Chocolate & Yellow. Yellow can be a lighter to darker yellow, but not reddish, as this would be a disqualification. The overall appearance should be that of an athletic, well balanced & solid looking dog. A good Labrador wants to please & is easy to train. They possess a keen sense of smell.

A good Labrador wants to please and is easy to train. All these qualities make the Labrador the perfect hunting companion. Labs are also known for their sweet, instantly friendly expression in their eyes.