Labrador Retriever Personality

One of the reasons for the Lab’s swift rise in popularity is that over the years he has consistently proved his worth in all fields and truly earned the title “all around” dog. One of the most predominant characteristics of the Lab is a strong desire to learn. This quality has done much to enhance the breed’s popularity.

Coupled with a high degree of native intelligence, it equips the Lab to fulfill the roles of hunter, retriever, companion, pet and watchdog. This desire to please makes the Lab a willing and eager pupil, a dog that enjoys learning and is a pleasure to teach.

By far the most exciting of the Lab’s qualities is his inherent working ability. This all-important factor has been maintained and strengthened over the years by careful and selective breeding. So Strong is the Lab’s natural inclination for retrieving that it is manifested when a puppy is still under three months old.

Another endearing characteristic of the breed is untiring devotion to people. Yellow Lab with Kids The Lab thrives on human company and companionship; he has the rare ability of being able to be everybody’s friend and still maintain an undying allegiance to his master.

The lab has the uncanny and most admirable quality of being able to adapt himself to all sorts of situations and surroundings. His devotion and patience make him a trusted playmate for children. He joins in their games with enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoys what you and I would consider mauling.

At the same time, he is perfectly able to take care of himself by simply evacuating the area if things get to rough. Somehow, in each instance, the Lab seems to grasp almost instinctively what is desired and to willingly apply himself in that direction.

Few other breeds can match the Lab for perseverance and courage. His reputation was founded on his ability to withstand the hardships of a day’s shoot. Whether it is retrieving ducks in icy water on a cold winter day or hunting pheasants in honeysuckle groves, hedgerows, briar patches, and other likely spots, the Lab performs his task like a trooper.

How much wounded game would have been lost if it were not for the Lab’s excellent scenting powers and perseverance! Any duck hunter knows the trouble strong wounded game can cause, but the Lab does not give up. Certain members of the breed have been known to carry on hot pursuit for over an hour.