Home Remedies For A Skunk Sprayed Dog

Whether your labrador retriever is out in the field or just in your backyard, there is always the risk of being sprayed by a skunk. Here are some home remedies in case your dog gets sprayed by a skunk.

Home remedies for skunk sprayed dogs:

  • Tomato juice (4-8 large cans and soak for 20 min.), then season to taste…oops! I mean rinse off. Groomers warn that lightly furred dogs might turn pink.
  • Vanilla extract (2 cups) combined with a gallon of water. Use shampoo after 15 minutes to rinse out.
  • Feminine douche (2-4 ounces) and 1 gallon of water. Use shampoo to rinse out of the dog after 15 minutes.
  • 1-quart hydrogen peroxide (3% USP), 1/4 cup baking soda, teaspoon dish soap.

Preventing Skunk Encounters:

Don’t draw skunks to your home by providing a food source such as trashcans they can get into or dog or cat food outside.

Some sources estimate that dogs have up to one million times the sense of smell of humans. Man has about 5 million sensory smelling cells. A dachshund has about one hundred twenty-five million, a fox terrier about one hundred forty-seven million and dogs bred for scenting count in at about two hundred twenty million sensory smelling cells. If you think the skunk spray is unbearable, imagine how bad it is for your dog.